Happy: (adjective) delighted, pleased, or glad, as over a particular thing: to be happy to see a person.
Does one thing I have to be set in stone? Can ideas or answers mean something different to you and mean something completely different to someone else? Of course they can! However, people feel the need to make fun of them for their beliefs. That’s just cruel. Happiness does not have all the definitions that scholars decide to choose for it. (Not saying I am either) but the true definition to happiness is something that gives you a feeling that can the described in words. Certain people and activities bring up those speechless moments that take the breathe from your body and just make you smile. For me baseball is my speechless moments. Baseball has taught me that I’m going to fail! More often than not; however, it also taught me that no matter what, I’ll get back up and keep trying to succeed. It brings you back down to earth because no one is perfect.


Coin Flip

As children, to pass the time, we all used to play this simple game: the game where we flip the coin and guess heads or tails. We all did this and it surprisingly, it was loads of fun. We also had bets on which side the coin would land on. We’d place wagers on food and other items. I always lost because that is my luck but recently, the true purpose of a coin came to me.

“Whenever you are unsure of a decision you have to make, count to three, and do what you are thinking.”  I get bombarded with this advice in entertainment, and parents.  Although this is a good thing to try, I may have flipped the words a little bit and made it into my own little tip: flip a coin.

Whenever you are unsure of an important decision, you should always flip a coin. This allows you to know what you want once the coin is twirling in the air. I’ve honestly done this and it has helped me out in so many ways in such little time: important decisions, food, and girls. I was with this girl and i didn’t know if i should kiss her or not. Heads I would, tails I wouldn’t. It ended up landing heads up and i just went in. IT was actually pretty romantic because it was spur of the moment but enough about that.

When in doubt, flip a coin. You may not know what you want but I guarantee you will while the coin is flipping thru the air. If you don’t, let fate decide


The Waiting Game

As we grow from an infant to an adult we have many learning curves.  When we are babies we have to learn how to share and say something other than mine.  As children we learn how to be respectful and to do the right things.  But we teenagers have the hardest part in growing up.  There is so much to learn and do.  One thing that needs to be taught and learned at an early age is not procrastinating. Just last night I stayed up till 2:30 in the morning just get partially done. I had to get up at 5 just to finish the paper. I mean I did work on the paper when the opportunity was available in school but never did I send a copy to myself before Thursday afternoon. Honestly, procrastination can make or break a child because when we are in college, we will not have teachers push us and coddle us. Professors don’t care if you show up or not. My advice to parents is to do something different with your kids so they can learn and understand why procrastination is a terrible trait that most human beings have. I know i am just a teenager but really, who would know about this more, someone who HAD been there or someone who is there now?  As Pepper from “Dodgeball” once said, “That’s a bold strategy Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ’em.”


A Whole New World

In the early and late 1400’s, European Travelers wanted to discover a new rout to India.  It took to go down the eastern coast of Africa go around, then go around The Cape of Good Hope, and finally back up the western coast.  All that took very long. But thank gosh for good ole Christoher Columbus who said, “Yeah! i’ll go directly East and get to India faster”!  And the rest is history.  Trying new things can change the whole outcome of history or if you’re looking at it from oneselfs perspective, it could potentially change your life.  Why wouldn’t you want to try something new? Are you scared to come out of your  nutshell? Or are you just being stubborn?  Life is too short for you to be sticking with the norm.  Even if you try it and think what you just did is repulsive, at least you can say you won’t do that again and won’t have any regrets about not doing it.  For me, i’m really scared about going skydiving.  However, I am doing it, with my mother, (who is still very very young and beautiful…), in April.  And when I reach the ground, by means of free falling or safely landing, I will say one of to things: Wow… I can’t believe i just did that or WOW! I CAN’T BELIEVE I JUST DID THAT!!!  Remember, being yourself is the right thing to do.  You can always add to who are you by liking something new.  You can try a new food, sport, activity, pickup-line or something else but by the decisoin you make or the decision you don’t make, do not regret it.